Letter to Cumbria County Council regarding Syrian refugees

As sent : “Dear CCC

As a result of a lacklustre response regarding a FOI request on Syrian Refugees it seems that you don’t have any kind of a plan for where they are going to be housed.  Nor does it appear that you will do any consultation with the community before you simply put them somewhere.

However, I understand there are people in Cumbria who want to help provide accommodation in their own homes.

Therefore I suggest you put out a call in the press for people to volunteer and pay them the money that you will be getting from the government to ease the pressure on social housing.

This would avoid you having to use social housing in the poorest communities and in the private rented sector.  It might also enable you to place them in more prosperous areas with better infrastructure.

The pattern to date with refugee resettlement has been to put them in the poorest and most deprived communities with the cheapest housing. You possibly have an opportunity to do better.

I await your response.”

One thought on “Letter to Cumbria County Council regarding Syrian refugees

  • very good follow-up letter…please keep at it until CCC is forced to reveal where it is housing these refugees, and what % of them are ) adult males age 18 to 40 2) male children age 12 to 17


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