Theresa May : “A consultant-led maternity unit is unsustainable in Whitehaven”

In the run up to the Copeland by-election, here is Theresa May’s letter to Jamie Reed.  It’s a reminder of the Conservative government’s stance on removing local maternity services in Copeland constituency. 

West Cumberland hospital serves 140,000 people in the second most rural county in the whole of England.  Carlisle is 40 miles distant and one hour’s drive in even average traffic.

And here’s the Health Chief’s verdict that a 40 mile drive to Carlisle to give birth is ‘not actually that far’.  What if you’re travelling from a rural inland location in Copeland where it takes you 20 minutes to get to a main road, and/or live south of Whitehaven?   What about if you’re stuck on a section of road after an accident where there is no way round?  Pure distance is not the measure you need to be using but the time taken to travel it, as anyone from a rural area knows full well.

It just proves how completely out of touch they all are with the reality of living in the second least densely populated county in England.

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