Trident missile cover-up is another symptom of our diseased political system

First Theresa May and then Michael Fallon squirm, obfuscate and refuse to answer the question about the Trident missile mis-fire.  Then the Americans helpfully tell the truth, making the Conservative government look like buck-dodging chumps who lied to MPs before they voted to renew the system.

The trident misfire issue is old news but pertinent news and here is why:

may-and-fallonThe issue, as has been pointed out, is not just the failed missile, or  Conservative government defence spending cuts,  it’s the entire culture of the politicians. I refrain from calling them the political elite because the way most carry on, ‘elite’ is the last thing they are.

This episode is just one OF MANY pieces of evidence that they  – the politicians – do not consider our interests and do not consider that they work for us. Yet another piece of evidence that they consider us too stupid to understand.  Well we aren’t.

If they did actually value the public they are supposed to serve there would be a lot more truth and honesty about the proceedings and a lot less passing the buck and covering up their failings.  An organisation that covers up faults does not learn from them and the same is true of this and every government most of us have ever experienced.

But the fact is that the system does not allow us as the electorate to remove politicians who denigrate us, ignore us and fail to do the job we elect them to do. Time and again we go to an election and get….. another party or person who doesn’t do what they are elected to do.

There should be a system whereby if a certain number of people issue a vote of no confidence in their MP, then it goes to a constituency ballot and the electorate can decide to boot them out. The same goes for an MP who is prime minister. WE should say who is worthy of our support, not Westminster, and WE should have right of removal at any time.

Why is this relevant?  Because UKIP is looking at giving direct democracy to the voters.  Only UKIP is indicating that it wants to make MPs properly accountable to the public.  Only UKIP has any commitment to bringing the politicians to heel over who they really work for – which is US. 




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