Theresa May’s delay allows Supreme Court to thwart democracy

The decision by Britain’s most senior judges by a vote of eight to three represents one of the biggest constitutional cases in British legal history.

In a verdict upholding a High Court decision, the UK’s most senior court this morning dismissed the Government’s appeal against last November’s verdict.

Mrs May has repeatedly vowed to trigger Article 50 by the end of March yet did nothing when appointed and has done nothing since. Her delays left the way open for all and sundry to bring forward their legal challenges.  She maintained she was thinking things through, considering all options before she decided.  She has tied the hands of the Brexit Minister David Davis, and the Trade Minister, Liam Fox.  Her dithering gave Brexit opponents the window they needed – all 7 months of it. Was this deliberate?  You be the judge.

By a majority of eight to three, Supreme Court judges ruled the Government must gain an Act of Parliament before triggering Article 50, despite the fact that every Treaty ever signed with the EU was done using The Royal Prerogative.

But the Supreme Court boosted the Government by ruling devolved parliaments in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland do not need to vote on Article 50 before Brexit can begin.  The verdict represents a major blow to Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Plaid Cymru and Labour in Wales who sought to frustrate it.

Today’s ruling means the Prime Minister now has just 67 days to secure the consent of Parliament (Commons and Lords) before invoking Article 50 and beginning EU divorce talks.

The government lamely insists it can be done.

This Conservative government has lost the right to govern in accordance with the peoples will. This Conservative Party has by its own inaction frustrated the will of the people.

This is not a good day for democracy, when the people’s will can be frustrated by partisan judges some of whom have verified and strong links to the European Union, and therefore a clear conflict of interest which should rule them out of making such a decision.

If Theresa May doesn’t now get Article 50 invoked before or on 31st March, the Lisbon Treaty comes into effect. This means any decision to invoke Article 50 on or after 1st April can be blocked by the EU.  The EU can prevent us from leaving.

In which case I expect Theresa May to claim its not her fault we can’t leave the EU and blame everyone else for the situation that she created. Which would be similar to the pattern for her 6 years of failure at the Home Office.

Despite her fine words, Theresa May’s in-actions speak volumes. 

Theresa May did this to the British people and their democracy.  She delayed, delayed and delayed to the point of stupidity.  Nobody else is to blame. Just her. Remember that when choosing which party to vote for in the Copeland by-election. 

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