Press Release : New Tory tax hikes could damage Cumbria’s rural business

**** JOINT Press Release – UKIP West Cumbria, UKIP Westmorland and Lonsdale, UKIP Barrow and Furness and UKIP County Chairmen *******


A disturbing new report published by The Times on 23rd January shows that rural business could suffer under the new Conservative-imposed business rate hikes.

The Times report shows how several equestrian centres and stables could be hit with 200% or more tax hikes on 1st April 2017 under the biggest shake-up of business rates for many years.

About 920,000 businesses will have their rates cut and 420,000 will see no change. However, 510,000 (which is 27%, described by the government as a “small minority”) will see rises.

Worst effects will be felt by businesses with lots of land, such as equestrian centres, stud farms, livestock markets, railways and tramways, sports arenas, animal boarding and cemeteries. The tax rises have been done as a pen and paper exercise and bear no relation to the actual income or profitability of the businesses.

Responding to this news, UKIP West Cumbria chairman David Wilson, UKIP Westmorland & Lonsdale chairman David Walker, UKIP Barrow and Furness chairman Colin Rudd and UKIP County chairman Fiona Mills said today:

“Cumbria is the second least densely populated county in the whole of England. Our economy is heavily reliant on local, rural businesses. We are extremely concerned that these punitive Conservative tax hikes will push people over the edge at a time when Theresa May’s government has already denied us Storm Desmond funding to help businesses rebuild.

We are keen to hear from anyone in Cumbria whose business is affected. “

Paul Nuttall, UKIP Leader said:

“This is typical of the Conservative Party since it took office in 2010. We are required to pay ever more tax, and seem to get less and less in return. Where is this money going?

Rural areas like Cumbria have suffered swingeing council service cuts and hospital services removed or downgraded, yet the Conservative government thinks it’s perfectly fine to increase council taxes by 6% and charge a quarter of businesses so much that they’ll simply give up trading. That’s hardly the recipe for economic recovery.”

Rural businesses affected by the tax rises are urged to contact with their story.


Any questions should be directed to the UKIP West Cumbria Press and Social Media Officer, Beverley Nash, on 07784 847815 or preferably on

Rural businesses affected by the tax rises are urged to contact

This press release has been approved by UKIP NW regional office.

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