Copeland By-Election : Contact details

West Cumbria branch chose Fiona Mills, UKIP County Chair and NEC member as their  candidate for Copeland by-election.  

The branch are largely running the campaign with advice from NW region.  UKIP leader Paul Nuttall, his deputy Peter Whittle and Louise Bours MEP came up on Friday to open the campaign office in Egremont.

We have had volunteers to help from all over the country.  Here are the contact details for the campaign:

UKIP Campaign office location

Egremont – 31 Main Street, Egremont CA22 2DR.

Contacts for volunteering help

Please contact these three people with offers of help

Mark Little : Campaign manager , tel. 07763422139
Nick Ford : Campaign agent, tel. 07802 632463
Gill Linder : UKIP West Cumbria branch secretary  tel.  01900 825879

There is plenty of work to do.  You can campaign and leaflet on the street.  You can also attend the campaign office and stick labels on thousands of envelopes for postal voters, and stuff them when the letters are ready.

County Chair, NEC member and Copeland candidate:

Fiona Mills
UKIP Cumbria Chairman
Secretary North Cumbria Branch
NEC member
Copeland PPC 2017
Tel 07763765384

Please contact the campaign team Mark Little, Nick Ford and Gill Linder in the first instance if you want Fiona to campaign/attend an event in your area.

Press contact

Beverley Nash

Other appearances

Fiona will be supporting UKIP Deputy Leader Peter Whittle at the Flood Expo at Carlisle Racecourse on Thursday 2nd February and at the Egremont office or around Egremont on 4th and 5th February.


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