National Press Release : UKIP unequivocally underlines support for the NHS

UKIP underlines unequivocal support for the NHS

In a hard hitting speech attacking the many Labour failings over the NHS Suzanne Evans the UKIP spokeswoman on the NHS underlined UKIP’s full support for a Health Service free at the point of delivery.

suzanne-evansShe said “If Nye Bevan were here today, I think he’d be disgusted with the Labour party, given the number of Labour policies that have helped bring the NHS he inaugurated to the brink of destruction.

Neither he, nor William Beveridge, the Liberal politician whose vision for the NHS Bevan enacted, ever imagined our NATIONAL health service would be allowed to become an INTERNATIONAL health service. The NHS wasn’t set up to provide free healthcare to the world. It wasn’t even set up to provide free healthcare to Europe. It was set up to provide free healthcare to UK citizens”.

While we recognise the impact of mass immigration on our delivery of services including the NHS, Ms Evans was unequivocal as to where the blame lay,

“Immigrants are not to blame: Labour is.

“There was Labour’s stupendously stupid ‘buy one hospital, pay for six,’ idea.

“Yes, that’s the upshot of Labour’s great PFI swindle… Labour rebuilt hospitals using private loans at credit card rates of interest, signing contracts that would cost the NHS dearly, but make billions for the private sector. In this hospital trust alone, we’re talking about a build cost of £415m, with total repayments reaching £2.7 billion. As I said, more than six times the original construction cost.”

paul-nuttall2Paul Nuttall, UKIP leader and candidate in the Stoke Central by election said,

“Yes they may well have founded it in 1948, but today they have come to resemble an abusive parent.

I refuse to be hectored by a party that oversaw the Mid Staffs scandal. A scandal for which no one in senior management was sacked!

I refuse to be lectured to by a party that allowed MRSA to become commonplace on our wards.

I refuse to be accused of wanting to privatise the NHS by a party that actually did privatise 5% of our health service when they were in power.

I also refuse to take criticism from a party whose two most prominent members of the House of Lords – Winston and Warner – have called for people to be charged to see their GP.

And finally, I refuse to take lessons from a party that has saddled the NHS with a debt of nearly 80 billion pounds through the signing of crazy PFI contracts.

“I now want to make something crystal clear: UKIP has never and will never – under my leadership – enter any election calling for the privatisation of the NHS. Full stop.

I want to repeat this: UKIP will never – under my leadership – enter any election calling for the privatisation of the NHS. Period.”

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