Paul Nuttall : His 30th January speech on the NHS in full

Here is Paul Nuttall’s speech delivered in Stoke on Trent on 30th January 2017, in full

” Good morning,

I have called this press conference today as we – UKIP – want to set out our agenda for the National Health Service.

I am delighted to have my Deputy Chairman and Health Spokeswoman beside me who will set out our policy in detail.

We did initially plan on holding this press conference in London, but we have decided to move it to Stoke on Trent because as you all know there is a by election taking place and the Labour Party, in particular, are putting it about the city that UKIP is committed to privatising the NHS.

They claim, on all their leaflets that UKIP wants to privatise the NHS, or that UKIP wants an American style health system where people who don’t pay private insurance are refused care.

This is rubbish. Complete and utter rubbish and I want to get this cleared up once and for all today.

However, before we lay out where UKIP stands on the NHS I want to make it clear that I will not be lectured by the Labour Party on the issue of the NHS.

Yes they may well have founded it in 1948, but today they have come to resemble an abusive parent.

I refuse to be hectored by a party that oversaw the Mid Staffs scandal. A scandal for which no one in senior management was sacked!

I refuse to be lectured to by a party that allowed MRSA to become commonplace on our wards.

I refuse to be accused of wanting to privatise the NHS by a party that actually did privatise 5% of our health service when they were in power.

I also refuse to take criticism from a party whose two most prominent members of the House of Lords – Winston and Warner – have called for people to be charged to see their GP.

And finally, I refuse to take lessons from a party that has saddled the NHS with a debt of nearly 80 billion pounds through the signing of crazy PFI contracts.

The bottom line is this: Labour’s recent record on the NHS is dire.

The NHS has survived in spite of Labour; not because of Labour.

Now allow me to deal with my own position before Suzanne outline’s UKIP’s position.

In early 2011, I appeared at a hustings in Oldham where I spoke about the NHS needing more competition. Indeed, I called it “monolithic.”

Around the same time I also wrote a letter which praised the Coalition Government for bringing more competition into the NHS. I was writing mainly about the area of procurement.

I did this because I believed competition drives quality. In many areas, I still believe this to be case, however, it is clear when it comes to the NHS I was wrong.

Both Labour’s and the Coalition government’s gradual privatisation has failed. That is why, when it comes to the NHS, every winter is now Groundhog Day.

We know every January there will be a crisis in the NHS. I could write next year’s headlines now.

If competition and privatisation worked, then we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in now.

I was wrong. I’m happy to admit was wrong and I think it makes me a better a politician for having the guts to admit I got it wrong.

The party also never bought into my idea of more competition in the NHS and the proof is in the pudding.

UKIP’s 2015 manifesto – which was generally regarded to be the best – made a clear commitment to keeping the NHS in public hands and free at the point of delivery.

I now want to make something crystal clear: UKIP has never and will never – under my leadership – enter any election calling for the privatisation of the NHS. Full stop.

I want to repeat this: UKIP will never – under my leadership – enter any election calling for the privatisation of the NHS. Period.

I couldn’t make this anymore clear.

I know the Labour Party will continue to make this claim on their leaflets I am sure, because they have nothing else to campaign on.

But I want the people of Stoke to know it is a lie. A bare-faced desperate lie from a party that has run out of things to say.

Now I have made my point that UKIP will keep the NHS public and free at the point of delivery, I will hand over to my Deputy Chairman and Health spokeswoman, Suzanne Evans.”

The full text of the speech is also included here as PDF document for sharing


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