Theresa May slaps down Priti Patel over cutting wasteful aid spending. May wrong, Patel right.

Theresa May has slapped down Priti Patel over her pledge to cut wasteful aid spending. It shows you what Theresa May’s priorities are and who is pulling the strings. You can forget our taxes going on our elderly, our pensions, our NHS, our armed forces / veterans, our homeless, our children in poverty, our disability benefits…… No, lets send it to India so they can spend it on space rockets instead.

Is Winston Peters the only New Zealand politician that makes sense?

Just to prove that it’s not just the UK, France, Germany, Italy and well, what appears to be the whole of the western world,  suffering the ills of the career political class who dance to the tune of globalist forces and corporate party donors…. Read more

William Hague says Donald Trump is rude?

william-hagueOur politicians are as dumb as a North Sea haddock. When it comes to scoring own goals, they are serious over-achievers.

William Hague says Donald Trump is rude and offends everyone he meets. Has he met Donald Trump yet? As far as we know the only UK politician to meet him is Nigel Farage.

One comment on William Hague read simply “he wants egging“.  Indeed.