Join Us

signingIf you are passionate about your local area, and passionate about making this a country we can be proud of, join us today.

UKIP members are growing in number.  We have already helped to delivered a ‘Brexit’ verdict on the referendum.  More and more UKIP members are standing for and winning elections to  council seats.  More UKIP members are vetted and standing for election as MPs.  UKIP members are at the forefront of the campaign to take our country back from the clutches of the EU.

However you want to be involved, we have a place for you. Help deliver grassroots support, campaign for local services or elections, stand for council or MP seats, or shape our policies. Whatever your skills, we (and you) can use them somewhere.

Ways to join

Use the printed form

If you apply online, the UKIP local branch does not receive your membership fees (instead they go directly to Head Office).  To ensure we get the money from our members to fund our activities, please follow this process:

  1. Print out the membership form : ukip-membership-form-jun-2016
  2. Fill in the form and a cheque for the subscription
  3. Please send this to Richard Mawdsley, The Barn,  West End,  Great Broughton,  Cockermouth, Cumbria  CA13 0YN  …OR
  4. Fill in the form and bring it to the next meeting (details will be on the website under News and Meetings,  OR
  5. Just turn up at a meeting. Either our branch secretary Gill or Richard will have a blank form or two.

Our Membership Secretary Richard Mawdsley will then be in touch!