UKIP Manifestos

UKIP 2015 general election manifesto

UKIP went into the 2015 General Election with a fully formed and fully costed manifesto which was about a lot more than just Brexit.  Four million people voted for UKIP based on our policies, proving that UKIP is most definitely not a one policy party.  Here is a snaphot of what this manifesto covered:

  • The economy and finance
  • Immigration
  • The National Health Service and social care
  • Pensions, welfare and disability
  • Childcare, the family and education
  • Housing provision, planning and the environment
  • Transport
  • Energy
  • Employment and small business
  • Rural business – farming and fishing
  • Heritage and tourism
  • Crime and justice
  • Local government and political reform
  • Trade, defence, foreign affairs and overseas aid
  • British culture
  • Brexit

Our 2015 manifesto is available to download here ukip-2015-general-election-manifesto

UKIP 2016 Manifestos

We don’t believe in sitting on our laurels once a general election is over!  Our UKIP councillors are doing excellent work on the ground and being our community champions.  Our councillors connect us to what’s really going on and we want more of them!

UKIP now has more than 500 Councillors nationwide and took control of Thanet District Council in 2015.  UKIP and Independent Councillors now lead Mansfield District Council, which was previously controlled by Labour.

Our next priority is to achieve just that in the local elections on Thursday 4th May 2017.

Just some of what your UKIP councillors will work for:

  • Providing incentives to re-use empty homes to replace the unfair and draconian ‘bedroom tax’
  • Protecting our green spaces by using planning controls; directing new housing andhs2-scandal-2 business developments to previously developed sites. Introduce binding local planning referendums on major decisions, such as out-of-town or large scale supermarket developments, wind turbines, incinerators, solar farms, major housing developments and transport schemes like HS2.
  • Putting local people and veterans first for services and social housing
  • Improving access to quality local education, and giving parents rteal choice about where they send their children to school, encouraging apprenticeships, protecting rural schools and supporting home schooling
  • Reducing tax and business costs to stimulate the local economy, and making it easier for smaller/local businesses to tender for local authority contracts.
  • Opposing costly health tourism which is a drain on the NHS.  Opposing cuts to front-line hospital services, doctors, surgeons, dentists and nurses, to put the community first in health-care provision.
  •  Improving road maintenance and upgrading local public transport and removing council ‘vanity schemes’. We want to protect and reinstate rural bus routes that many communities depend on and increase provision of free town and village parking.
  • Supporting our heritage, defending public libraries and preserving buildings of local importance to the community.
  • Keeping real police officers on the beat and campaigning against cuts to front line police jobs.  Cracking down on anti-social behaviour nuisance neighbours.
  • We want to encourage charities and the voluntary sector (who have suffered under council spending cuts) because they, their services and facilities make a huge difference to people’s lives.

You can download the 2016 Local Election manifesto here ukip_local_manifesto_2016